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Triptych (1990) for piano solo

Duration: 22 minutes

Commissioned by Clive Swansbourne

The three movement Triptych was commissioned for Swansbourne's recitals at the 1990 Cheltenham Festival.

The movements can be played individually. The first: Tiderace is a study in the movement of water from the smallest seashore eddies to crashing torrents.

The second, "Mandela Blues and Stomp", is a response to the release of Nelson Mandela from Victor Verster Prison, near Capetown, on February 11th, 1990. It begins with a gesture of power and defiance. The ensuing slow Blues is based on the South African national anthem: "Nkosi Sikele i'Afrika". The Stomp is a hard-edged rhythmic piece based on a "Toyi-Toyi". This is a traditional call-and-response chant, which invokes the names of enemies in order to exorcise them.

The third piece "Self Image" builds, after a hesitant introduction, on some elements from the first two pieces, then builds to a passionate Coda marked "Glorious".

MP3 audio extract (1'30"):
Mandela Blues & Stomp

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