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Three Carols for 1984 (1984)

for unison Children's Choir & Wind Band

Texts by the composer

Commissioned by Wigan LEA

I Peace Carol: duration 2 mins

Star shine out brightly
It shines for peace this Christmas time
Let's teach love and caring to the children
They musn't ever have to fight!

II Platt Bridge Carol: duration 2 minutes

Children sing! Cry and shout!
In the quarry clearing
A city of gold is appearing on Ince Moss.

III Wigan Pier Carol: duration 3 minutes

She thought to herself she'd like to see
That pleasure pier so fine
She had her chance on Christmas Eve
When she came upon a sign
By North Western Station (for tourists it were)
Saying: 'Wigan Pier > A quarter of a Mile'

These three occasional pieces reflect both topical issues in 1984, such as Orwell's book, and also McQueen's own responses to living in the North West of England. The tradition of the Christmas Ghost Story is combined with the Orwellian search for the mythical Wigan Pier and the traditional Music Hall song.

The Wind Band scoring is for: 2 fls; ob; 3 cls; 2 alto sax; ten sax; 2 bsns. 2 hns; 2 tpts; euph in Bb; 2 tbns; bass tbn; tuba in Eb; 2 perc.

MP3 audio extract (1'32"):
Wigan Pier Carol

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